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DIY Winter Wreath

If you read my last DIY post, you know that this year I’m decorating with navy, white, gray, and copper. Keeping with this palette, I wanted to make a blue, winter wreath. I love making my own wreath because I want something a little less traditional, and I also like to be able to pick out my own greens and combine a few different textures.

Whatever you choose to include in your wreath, you can follow these simple steps to create something beautiful and unique.

Supplies Needed:

  • Greens– I used 2 eucalyptus varieties, blue ice cedar, and eucalyptus pods for added texture
  • Wreath Form/Ring–I used 14″
  • Wire
  • Clippers


Step 1: Prepare your greens. I love to cut and divide my bunches of greenery into smaller pieces. I also clean off the bottom of the stems so there is less bulk.

Foraging greens from your yard (or maybe your neighbors with permission!) is a great way save on greens. Cedar, pine, and other fir trees are a great place to start. Boxwood, laurels, holly, and evergreen magnolia also look great (and last well) in wreaths.

Other places around town I’ve found to purchase greens are Fred Meyer, Trader Joes, and New Seasons. 


Blue Ice Cedar




Spiral Eucalyptus and eucalyptus pods

Step 2: Take pieces of greenery and create bundles. Attach the bundles to your wreath ring with wire. Pull wire tight so the greens stay in place.

Play with the amount of greens in your bundles. If you like an asymmetric look, use heavier bunches of greens on a 1/3 of your wreath form. Also, if you want to add in woody branches, attach those securely to the form before add your greenery.


Continue Step 2 till you have covered the ring.


Step 3: Add texture. I like to add my texture last since I only wanted it in one section. Add some ribbon and hang indoors or outdoors.


Happy wreath making!